If you plan on visiting Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival or any other time, then you would be wise to learn the Trini Slangs. Whilst the official spoken language is English, natives more often speak in a broken English. In the Trinbago dialect words and sayings have unique meanings and interpretations.

In this episode the Rum Club Hosts took a road trip to Maracas Bay with Ashanna Arthur, the host of Interviews with Ashanna. On the trip we discussed some of the everyday Trini slangs and the lingo. More importantly, we share the hidden meanings,  nuances and contextual use of the sayings. 

Learning the Trini Slangs is a prerequisite for anyone planning on visiting our shores. This Trini Lingo 101, is the episode for you to learn it all.  So, sit back and listen…the class is in session

Thanks to Ashanna Arthur for inviting us along for the ride! Be sure to Check out Ashanna’s YouTube Channel at and her website for more of her FUN vibes!