Trinidad Carnival Fêtes – The Madness

Carnival Fêtes are a part of the fabric of Trinidad Carnival. This quintessential carnival entertainment combines music, dancing and food in a way that produces the Madness that Trinidad Carnival personifies.

Trinis, known for their love of  the party scene, have an insatiable appetite for the celebrations. From December through to February / March of each year there is a proliferation of fetes that mark the feteing season. Although the “official” carnival fête season is from December to Ash Wednesday, some events happen before December and a few after Ash Wednesday.

The lyrics of Machel Montano’s Mr Fete relate the attitude of most fete loving Trinis at  Carnival time. “Feting is we name/ we do  play / we going night and day/ no fete can tire we”. There is little doubt that Trinis treat their Carnival Fêtes as serious business. As a result, Carnival Fêtes now differ by size, location, type or variety of entertainment and price.

In this episode, the hosts discuss some of the categories of fetes, citing a few of the more popular ones with blogger “Saucy”, the creative force behind Trinidad Carnival Diary. Saucy breaks down the details explaining the differences between a Breakfast fete and the Boat Ride. Carnival fetes continue to grow and evolve just as the Carnival does. There’s a fete for every taste, whatever type of fete you fancy, you are in for a hella good time!

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Big Chunes: Shal Marshall – Splinters and Bunji – Fete is Fete

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