Caribbean Christmas Music

  Caribbean Christmas bears little resemblance to the images invoked from the yuletide carols originating in North America and Europe. There are no chestnuts roasting on open fires nor do we frolic in the snow. Instead, you will find Caribbean Christmas music referencing merry making from house to house and Christmas …

Caribbean Music Legends & SOKAH

Caribbean music legends are those celebrated musicians who have pioneered and paved the way for the art forms. We recognize these artistes and the indelible impressions they made on the world. Most of all, they are the entertainers whom we love and cherish because they have touched our lives forever.

The musical expression of this culturally rich and diverse region has given rise to various genres of music. The Caribbean has given the world the music genres of Calypso, Soca, Reggae and Dancehall. The tradition of toasting over the music in Reggae is credited with influencing the development of hip hop. Other perhaps less known genres include Zouk, Salsa and Bachata from the non English speaking islands.

We will all agree that perhaps the most prodigious contributor to Reggae music is the much revered Bob Marley. Bob, alongside Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh  and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry took reggae music from likkle Jamaica and around the globe. In Trinidad & Tobago, where Calypso is the main genre, none can dispute the legendary status of kaisonians like The Lord Kitchener and living legends like the Mighty Sparrow and Calypso Rose.

Perhaps one of the greatest contributions is by Ras Shorty I, the creator of soca. Shorty’s legacy lives on in the music by modern day artistes like Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin. In this episode, we discuss the icons who we consider to be legendary contributors to Caribbean Music with singer, songwriter and granddaughter of the late Ras Shorty I, Nailah Blackman.

Nailah pays homage to the legacy of her grandfather, while blazing her own trail. Her mission is to create music to excite and engage younger generations in the culture. Nailah’ s EP, SOKAH with title track of the same name will certainly have you engaged in some wining. Sokah is also the moniker for her band and upcoming concert. The spelling used is the original spelling which Shorty intended when he named his fusion style music in the 70sThe SO denoting the Soul of Calypso and KAH meaning divine in Hindi.  For Naila, SOKAH is a movement. 

Listen out to hear if your Caribbean music legend made the list.


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