In this episode the hosts chat about the iconic yuletide dishes that constitute Caribbean Christmas Cuisine. Most of the islands celebrate Christmas in similar ways, but with their own favourite dishes and customs. There are some ubiquitous West Indian Christmas favourites like Sorrel and Black Cake. However, many will argue that the real centerpiece of any Christmas meal is the pig.

Whether it’s garlic pork  or ham,  blood sausage or suckling pigs slow roasted over hardwood fires, the pig has pride of place at the Christmas table. Not to be overlooked are goat meat, served curried in Jamaica and stewed goat meat or goat water in Antigua.

Of course, each island has it’s unique dishes. In Trinidad and Tobago, its no Christmas without pastelles. In Barbados, along with ham and turkey, there’s a special dish called jug-jug made from ground meat, corn and peas. And in Guyana its the dark stew called pepperpot.

Whilst rum of any kind is always welcome, we particularly enjoy our version of eggnog, called ponche a creme also called rum popo in Belize or coquito in Puerto Rico. Other drinks include, Anisette enjoyed in Haiti, Anis del Mono and the fiery ginger beer.

Whatever your taste, Caribbean Christmas Cuisine has a gastronomic delight for your indulgence. Listen out for our top 5, must have, iconic Christmas dishes.


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